Protecting the freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief for every person.

Who We Are

Catalyzing Multifaith Coalitions for Religious Freedom

At IRF Secretariat, we offer a proven and trusted cooperative engagement and multi-faith action-oriented approach to building cross-cultural religious freedom. The inclusive, equal citizenship participation of all faith and belief communities develops and strengthens relationships that make it possible to build religious freedom, social cohesion, stability, peace, and prosperity.


Religious intolerance isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been around for centuries. But, after several decades of relative dormancy or reversals in many parts of the world, it’s again rearing its ugly head. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 80% of the world’s population now lives in countries with “high or very high” levels of government restrictions and/or social hostilities involving religion.

Uniting Around a Common Cause

“Once advocates embrace and embody the cooperative engagement approach and unite across their deepest differences, they are enabled to become builders of religious freedom, inclusion, and cohesion,”

— Gregory Mitchell
Founder, and Chairperson of the International Religious Freedom Secretariat

“It is hard to overstate the impact IRF Secretariat has had in providing leadership to the religious freedom community with the International Religious Freedom Roundtables it convenes in Washington, D.C and in over 20 countries globally.

We work to further grow the movement, working to ensure that all around the world can practice their faith freely.”

— Nadine Maenza
President of IRF Secretariat and Former Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom