The World Is
More Divided Than Ever

In the face of increasing polarization, we connect people of all faiths and beliefs to help them
engage across their deepest differences, stand up for, and protect each other.
Women members of Iraq's Yazidi community hold photos of victims of the genocide carried out by ISIS in the Sinjar region.

Our World Faces:

We Understand. Since 2018, IRF Secretariat has been convening
the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Roundtable,
bringing people together, and helping all faith and
belief communities fight for their very
survival around the world.

We at IRF Secretariat know every faith and belief community wants much more than mere survival. They all deserve freedom, peace, and prosperity.

We are multi-faith advocates and action-oriented builders of freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief for all people. And by putting religious freedom into action, we are building mutual understanding, respect, trust, and reliance… which builds social cohesion and civil societies… which builds and strengthens security and stability… all of which empowers greater economic development and growth.

This is the road to sustainable peace and prosperity.

IRF Secretariat is Committed to Assisting and Empowering
People of All Faiths and Beliefs to feel…


We connect people of all faiths and beliefs and help them engage cooperatively and constructively across their deepest differences.


The multi-faith engagement and actions we facilitate have proven to build respect for the human dignity of people of all faiths and beliefs.


The more all faiths and beliefs stand up for each other in the public square, the more protection they build for liberty of conscience for all.


1. Events

We are sponsoring a global series of world-class events that bring people together and equip them to engage as equal citizens.

2. Infrastructure

We are building a global network of regional hubs and national roundtables that empower multi-faith actions around the world.

3. Leadership

We deliver global leadership services and coordinate actions across global and regional networks of civil societies and governments.


We are extremely grateful to the Templeton Religion Trust for funding our work to date.

So Build With Us!

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